BEEFBROTHERS | Brain & Balls


Why things should be in the boxes?

Why a snake could not swallow an elephant?

And why a creative agency could not also be a tattoo studio?

We are BeefBrothers.


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Classic 7 (L) ID: 28468431  
Jankovcova 1603/47a TaxID: CZ28468431
170 00 Praha 7
  • Ondřej Drábek a.k.a Lemke

    Ondřej Drábek a.k.a Lemke

    „I made up the brand BeefBrothers
    in 2005 as a joke. And it has just 
    stayed like that.“


    +420 777 350 077
  • Ondřej Karásek

    Ondřej Karásek

    „Highly regarded art director and self-taught 
    tattoo artist. He refuses to tatoo what
    he doesn't like.  His backup plan is
    to carve spoons from the lime wood." 

  • Aleš Hudec a.k.a 911

    Aleš Hudec a.k.a 911

    „The master of improvisation. Art director,
    webmaster, programmer, guitarist, 
    engineer of economics and ocasional Indian."

  • Daniel Kurz a.k.a Kurz the Curse

    Daniel Kurz a.k.a Kurz the Curse

    „Art director, whose dream is to design
    his own tomb. Junior tatoo artist 
    and an owner of butcher's apron."


  • Daniel Strejc

    Daniel Strejc

    Everybody needs to have their own movie producer. Dan studied at FAMU and he has co-produced two feature movies with our friends at love.FRAME. However, his domain does not only focus on the production of audiovisual art. His most valuable asset is the ability to look at brands from a different perspective than others.

  • Jan Pacner a.k.a Avi

    Jan Pacner a.k.a Avi

    "Knows how to dismantle eight-cylinder 
    combustion engine or smartphone. 
    And then finds someone, who can put
    it all back together." 
    +420 607 884 834
  • Petra Boháčová

    Petra Boháčová

    "Good soul who finds any lost invoice and goes out of her way to get a proper refreshments receipt."

    +420 774 877 562